Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rob in Bravo (Portugal) - Scans + Translated Interview

In Remember me we see him bringing to life a boy Tyler both beautiful as problematic. “It was a new experience for me. Until then he had never played a character so more common.”, He said during an interview at the Regency Hotel Ny. It was during this conversation that we learned that the actor has experience in it to deal with the problems of everyday …

Bravo: In this movie you have an aggressive role. Was it hard?
Robert: No, I really understand the anger that Tyler has against himself and against life in general.

Bravo: But you seem to be calming down a bit …
Robert: Looks can be deceiving (Laughter). In my adolescent stage I found myself in these situations, though, I have not noticed it .. even tooka punch in the nose (laughs)

Bravo: Have you ever won in these fights?
Robert: No, neither before nor now (laughs). When we shot the Remember Me, what went into physical confrontation turned to laughter. It was a pain in my hands and they do not feel anything.

Bravo: You lose control with ease?
Robert: Generally not. And I’m lucky: with my characters Ican express the anger that has accumulated.

Bravo: And what causes this anger in you?
Robert: I hate that people make judgments of the value I have about myself!

Bravo: People tell that you are romantic, irritates you?
Robert: No, that’s true. in my own way I am romantic. I love the eyes of a child who is not influenced by negative images.

Bravo: The film is about good and bad things of life. Do you think the good can end?
Robert: Yes, so I try to enjoy the present to the maximum. The future remains to be seen.

Scans and Translationb: LetMeSign

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