Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Robert Pattinson Scans and Interviews from German Magazines


He talks about:
- his youth
- the relationship with his father
- not beeing a caged animal
- beeing a big fan of Kindle


- the days before Twilight
- loosing control
- he was obsessed by Van Morrison
- he wanted to buy a house in Amerika but is was too expensive

In Touch

- the fan-hysteria
- meeting girls
- he needed to gain weight for Bel Ami
- the success makes him um steadier
- shopping in second-hand shops


- relationships are difficult to handle
- his "date" with Emilie
- the power of love

- Remember Me is a strong movie

Scans and Quich Translation by schnuffel1990 at Pattinsonlife

We'll update with full translation when we get them.

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