Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures and Video - Rob on the Bel Ami Set Today


Info via Bel Ami Film

Bel Ami filming for Monday, March 29 has wrapped in Budapest’s Liberty Square. I have a translated witness account of today’s filming taken from Hungarian Robert Pattinson fansite The translation from Hungarian to English is pretty raw, but you get the point!

Robert Pattinson fan Hegmand says:

“Immediately after school went to Liberty Square to view the Rob. It was easy to find, or because there were 50 en-and there was a big bus, and a caravan of black Mercedes. After 5 minutes, Rob came out. And Rob was a very sexy. He really looks good in the suit.”

Fan report via Twinform

Our 2 reader was on the Bel Ami set today too.

Ilejja’s report:
Rob arrived at 1 PM with the "famous black car", which carry him everywhere.
There was a small group, they stand next to the building, I joined them and I had a very good view. The crew shooted inside the building and in a restaurant but Rob comed out of it often, he walked in his trailer. When this happened, lots of girls started to scream. Later the black car was there again at our side, Rob appeared and the girls started to run that way and they screamed. Rob waved then he was gone.
We talked the head of the security and they said that they must protect Rob and they cant allow the fans near to him, not even for autograph or a picture, because the producers of Bel Ami are afraid, that Rob would tell us something from the movie. The security guy said that if we scream or go wild, they will take us from the set, buti f we stay in silence and away from the security zone everything will be fine and we can take pictures.

Barbica’s report in short version:
Some girl talked to Rob’ personal assistant who was very lovely, and she said that Rob is very happy that the fans are here, but he is not happy that we make pictures from him. And the assistant said that Rob asked personally to keep the fans away from him…

The girls was a little disappointed, when they heard this news, but they can understand Rob is here for working, not for posing with fans or taking pictures with them. But they still hoping :)

Via Pattinsonlife | Bel Ami Movie | Twinform

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