Friday, March 19, 2010

London 'Remember Me' Press Conference - New Picture and Details

Yep, yesterday saw Leicester Square swarming with hormone-crazed girls squeaking and squealing for the scruffy delights of Mr Robert Pattinson (and breathe). Taking to the red carpet for new flick Remember Me, The Pattzy - as we’ve fondly come to call him - was an absolute gent, spending over an hour chatting to fans who’d been awaiting his arrival for THIRTY TWO hours... No, really.

Once he’d been prised away from his followers, Grazia shared 30 glorious minutes with the man himself. As Robert talked us through his role alongside the equally spellbinding Emilie de Ravin, his hair ruffling and self-deprecating jokes made us realise that he’s just a normal bloke who we’d love to have a pint down the pub with (among other things...)

For now, all the deets are top secret but never fear Pattz fans, we'll be bringing you the full story (and video!) next week. But if you reeeally can’t wait that long, we have a little teaser to whet your appetite. So if you’ve always wondered what Rob’s favourite biscuit is (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), we can reveal that it’s the beloved Hobnob which gets him going. So now you know.


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call_it_golden said...

What is a biscuit in the UK? In the US it's just really one flavor-original?