Monday, March 8, 2010

Emilie talks about Rob with the Sunday Morning Herald

Plenty of Twilight fans would kill to lock lips with their beloved Edward (Robert Pattinson) but Aussie actor Emilie de Ravin is the first to share a love scene with Pattinson in a new film.

The 28-year-old has spoken of her fondness for her co-star Pattinson, although she insists it was all work and no play when they were on the set of Remember Me.

"Robert's a great guy. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and trying to understand our characters, who are quite complex," she says.

While the movie is a vehicle for Pattinson, many US critics claim the 28-year-old Melburnian outshines her high-profile co-star.

De Ravin insists she's no overnight success, after moving to Los Angeles a decade ago and successfully auditioning for the teen drama Roswell. Since then she's been in regular work and was married to actor Josh Janowicz (they separated six months later) but she still misses Australia.

"Los Angeles is a weird place. It took me a while to find my comfort zone," she says.

She doesn't hang out with the Aussie actors based in LA and spurns the city's renowned party circuit.

"I spend most of my time watching movies at home, eating nice food or just going for a hike. I explored the party scene a bit when I was younger but I don't know how people do it for years and years," de Ravin says.


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