Monday, March 8, 2010 Interviews 'Remember Me' Director, Allen Coulter

He talks a lot about Rob - How he helped to get the movie made and how his musical side helped him with his accent had a chance to sit down with Coulter to talk about his second movie. Unfortunately, there's one aspect of the movie we really wanted to discuss with him, but even knowing about it before seeing the movie really takes away from its impact. Even so, here is what we ended up talking about with the director in our exclusive video interview:

* How he ended up with the script and why he decided to make it his second film
* The fact that the movie's based on an original screenplay rather than adapted from a book
* How hard was it to convince financiers and a studio to back the film
* Getting Robert Pattinson on board and how that helped with financing
* Whether or not he considered casting New York actors for the roles
* How he was surprised to learn Emilie de Ravin was Australian
* How he wanted to approach the movie compared to "Hollywoodland"
* Talking about creating some of the settings for the story
* He talks about his next project, directing an episode of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"

Source via RobPattzNews

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