Monday, August 9, 2010

Teen Choice Awards 2010 Videos

ETA: HD videos

Rob wins Choice Movie Actor: Drama for Remember Me

New Moon and Eclipse wins all the awards listed in this post - Rob and the cast on stage - At 3:55

You can watch the full show in HD (parts 1-9) HERE

Rob wins Choice Movie Actor: Drama for Remember Me

New Moon and Eclipse wins all the awards listed in this post - Rob and the cast on stage

Taylor wins best smile - Glimpse of Rob


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Gisel said...

:D it is really good that he won for Remember me

Jane said...

I can't believe Rob wasn't in this category for he has one of the most beautiful smiles ever. If Rob had not been there, I would not have watched this, so boring and silly. Not enough of Rob, so different than last year.

JA said...

@Jane i agree! although he doesn't have the perfect teeth, he's got the perfect smile :) and whoever was calling the camera shots should be fired. horrible job.

Iluvthemovies said...

@Jane and Ja
ITA, I never watch this award show until Rob was on it. He has a dazzling smile plus I love his laugh, it is not a phoney laugh. He is adorable.

Cynnan said...

I only watch tv shows if RobPattz is in them. 2010 TCA was a waste of time but watched it anyway bcause of Rob.

Cloe said...

Why the hell Ashley bitch started talking for the group, trashy cunt.

Iluvthemovies said...

I just saw Robert win his award, I want to make a brief observation, when he picked up his surfboard, at the last TCA that he won an award he could barely hold the board, this time he held it with one arm. I think the man is becoming more manly and I can hardly wait to see what is under that shirt when BD 1 is released next November. Hot and the heart is racing, now how am I suppose to sleep. Goodnight Ladies.

@Cloe, keep it civil, you could have called Ashley trashy, but the last word was uncalled for especially from a woman.

GiGi said...

Did you all see the pic of TomStu in Montreal with Kristen and Garrett tonite? Is Tom working on the film? Or is he just there to see Kristen? WTF???

GiGi said...

check it out!

Iluvthemovies said...

Wow, interesting photo. I looked at some of the comments on the tweets, perhaps Rob is down there in Montreal, they are asking who is taking the photos? Rob. Who is the guy on the other side of Garrett? I won't comment further because it looks harmless, it could be Rob stops by in Montreal before heading back to England with TomStu.

twilightnan said...

@Iluvthemovies..well I don't really have to take many guesses to know who is making u hot/"bothered",and ur heart racing I??'re not the only one..hahaha..OH my heart just melt to watch him on that stage to received his award...I'll be the same as Yaelfica..BLUE is now my fav colour!!hope u managed to get some sleep..take care HUGS TO MY other 3 FAVS!!@Loves Rob..thanls for the link..I'll have a look!

twilightnan said... Kristen looks like she is wearing Rob's black/white checkered jacket..looks like she was trying to hide behind Tom looks promising Rob will be there to meet w/ KRISTEN soon..thank u this photo really put a smile on face!

JA said...

TomStu hung w/ kristen not too long ago, sans rob. i'm sure rob will pop up there any minute, if he's not there already.

SmittenWithRob said...

Well if tomstu is with kristen then rob can't be far behind.

Rob should wear blue more often!

Mrs.Deen said...

If Tomstu is with Kristen, Rob is absolutely there or will be there soon....twiligtnan and SmittenwithRob, you are absolutely right..

I just want them to be together and happy. Wish them the best.

Love you all

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