Friday, August 13, 2010

Christina Ricci Says Rob's Fans Are Awesome

"Not really, I mean, everyone did a really good job of containing the paparazzi and the fans were really respectful."

—Robert Pattinson's Bel Ami costar, Christina Ricci, at BlackBerry's launch party for the new BlackBerry Torch from AT&T, when we asked if the constant fan and paparazzi attention affected filming

We've seen some, uh, rather intense Twi-hards in our day, so does that mean they're all tucked away in their coffins until Breaking Dawn?

Added the svelte cutie: "[Pattinson's] fans, in particular, get behind his career. They're not going to screw up his career by ruining his next movie. They were awesome. They applauded people when we came out of set; they were there and super psyched we were in Budapest or wherever we were."

We see new pap shots of Rob or Kristen Stewart on set no matter what movie they're working on, so glad to hear it doesn't bug the rest of the cast. Probably doesn't bother Ricci much either because she totally loved working with R.Pattz, and meeting his gorgeous GF.


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