Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is a 'People Talking About Rob' post. A Brazilian surfer and an English singer-songwriter

Pixie Lott says she's in love with Edward Cullen

Asked about her celebrity crushes, Lott replied: "There's really no-one in particular. I'm a bit in love with Edward Cullen. How funny is it in New Moon when Taylor Lautner whips his top off for no reason? It's like, 'Oooh hello!'.

"But I'm definitely Team Edward. I'd like to meet Robert Pattinson, just to see if he's anything like Edward. It'd be funny if he tried to suck my blood!"


Surfer Maya Gabeira happy to meet Rob and Taylor at the Teen Choice Awards

The surfer Maya Gabeira, 23, was chosen by the public as the best athlete in sports at the Teen Choice Awards. Maya competed against Torah Bright and Hannah Teter, the snowboarding, Sarah Burke, of the ski and Ashley Fiolek, motocross and was crowned as "the chosen" among them. Daughter of the politician Fernando Gabeira, she lives in the U.S. for almost six years and in that time won the local public.

This award is unique among Brazilian athletes and Maya showed that maintains contact with fans via Twitter and this has ensured good publicity for this competition that depended on votes. At the ceremony, she said she was happy to meet celebrities like Tylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.


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Twilightfã said...

The Mayas´father is currently a candidate for governor of the Rio de Janeiro.

Valéria said...

Now my hopes are up again hahaha.. i never thought some brazilian girl would meet rob just like that!
go brazil!

Unknown said...

..I don't know if I get this right, but I've been panning the Internet for quite a while, but it seems that its difficult to find a person who really likes you without a hidden agenda. I'm pissing loads of crap right now! I'm fed up with ass lickers!!