Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elisabetta Canalis talks about Rob and Kristen to Vanity Fair

She's an italian model/actress and dates George Clooney

Translation from Vanity Fair Italy

- Does the envy scare you?
- Sometimes yes. Look at Robert Pattinson from Twiligth. He publicly condemned the libellous blogs phenomenon. He's the idol of the teenagers and when everybody understood he's in a relationship with Kristen Stewart, she even got death threats. Pattinson defended her. She won the boy everybody wants over: does she really deserve to be threaten?

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Gisel said...

totally agree !

totalmente de acuerdo. las mujeres que critican a Kristen son un puñado de celosas INMADURAS.

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA with what you said, although I had to get it translated, and Elisabetta said as well. It is called immaturity. I am happy with this couple because 1) There seems to have been no apparent cheating involved, I believe they were very much attracted to each other and Kristen ended it with her ex, 2)They are both single, their eyes tell all. I am only giving a theory I do not have any details and I have no interest to know what went down but when a couple has such a strong chemistry you can't help but be drawn to that chemical reaction. I do agree with Ms. Canalis, I luv Rob and how he defended Kristen. He is very sweet.

maria_Cy86 said...

loool she reads a lot of tabloids! :P