Sunday, August 8, 2010

Longer video of Rob singing

Extended Clip with no voice over!

MP3 Download

Source via Pattinsonlife

Let's kill the voice over!

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katy said...

Why the hell the women has to talk...when Rob is singing...she should just shut up.

And Rob you can come and sing in my living room any day :)

katy said...

Thanks...MUCH better without the voice over Rob...only Rob :))))

papagáj said...

When he starts singing it is built into something so intimate so that when I listen, I feel like an intruder who discovered the door to his soul, and hesitates whether to go.

Loving Rob,this site and Uall

Cyndi said...

LOVE! His voice is so unique, haunting, and it does feel you are intruding on an intimate moment. I want more music from him!!

OCD56 said...

I found some of Rob's songs on the internet today. OMFG! I hope that he will make an album soon. His voice is so bluesy. I love it. And Jackson Rathbone talks about what an incredible songwriter Rob is in an interview. Isn't it incredible that Rob is such a great actor, singer, and musician! He is so talented.