Friday, March 12, 2010

Rob talks 'Remembem Me' and Filming 'Bel Ami' in London

NEW YORK, March 12 (UPI) -- British actor Robert Pattinson admits fans of his "Twilight" films caused mayhem on the New York set of his new romantic drama, "Remember Me."

"It is really just like blanking out. I mean, at the beginning I was having loads of problems with it because it was really crazy when we were filming around Washington Square Park. It was just complete mayhem," the 23-year-old actor told reporters in New York recently.

"There was this moment when one of the security guys saw me getting more and more angry with these paparazzi guys and he just said, 'OK, imagine going over and trying to hit someone and missing in front of 40 cameras.' And that was enough to break my whole thing. It didn't really bother me afterward," he noted. "It's strange. I did a film where I hardly knew anyone on the crew or anything because I couldn't get out of my trailer when we were shooting, especially for the first month. I mean, I didn't know any of (my co-stars.) It was really odd. But, at the same time, it's quite a good lesson in life -- discipline -- because you literally have to do it. At the end of the day, you can't just say, 'I'm not doing it until these people go away.' It was way more intense than (making) any of the 'Twilight' films even. There's never even that many people who turn up for that. It was definitely an experience."

Pattinson said he finds he can concentrate better on the material and his performance much better when there are fewer distractions, though.

"I'm doing a thing now where there's no one around and I feel a million times more comfortable," he said, referring to the film "Bel Ami." "It's in England for one thing, which is very different to the States. The hysteria around the 'Twilight' stuff, I mean, it's growing a little bit (in England,) but it's completely different. But ('Bel Ami' is) a period thing so we're in all these stately homes in the middle of nowhere and so people just can't find the places. Half the crew can't find the places."

Co-starring Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Emilie de Ravin, "Remember Me" is in theaters now.


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Unknown said...

Pattinson makes you want to value your family, and sometimes just put out all his anger, and at the same time makes you fall in love with his character ...
In this movie, beautiful, complicated and truly sad it makes you laugh and cry ...
Showed that not only actor to adolescents and sagas about vampires.
He showed his fine work in this excellent performance "Remember me" Do you really never forget (if I forgive the pun) that life is made of the best moments.
I have seen and recommend.