Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fans Reactions to Rob's Wax Figure in London and NYC

From London

From NYC

Twilight" fans, your dreams have come true — almost. You can now kiss Robert Pattinson all you want, but there's a catch: it's a wax figure version of the actor. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Times Square unveiled its latest eerily lifelike celebrity wax creation in a fan-filled ceremony Thursday (March 25) that allowed RPattz admirers to have their pictures taken with the new figure.

Wax Rob maintains real Rob's trademark scruff and unkempt hair while donning a casual outfit of black pants and a blazer-like dark gray jacket with a black button-up and white v-neck T-shirt underneath. He also maintains real Rob's down-to-earth demeanor with his hands in his pockets and a slight smirk on his face. Since even wax figures need a little work to look their best, a hairstylist tamed wax Rob's mane of hair with a comb and a spray bottle between each photo-op. So, basically, the tall, cleaned-up wax version of Rob is what we imagine the real version would look like if he showered regularly.

The figure took four months and $220,000 to create and is now displayed alongside Miley Cyrus, John Travolta, The Osbournes and Woody Allen.

The enthusiastic fans who waited in line for the unveiling (some since 4 a.m., and real Rob wasn't even actually there) were able to run their fingers through the figure's trademark mane of hair. Danielle Palermo said she didn't want to mess up wax Rob's coif. "I felt kind of bad [touching his hair]," she said. "The first time everyone went to touch him, they completely attacked his hair, and I felt really bad. Maybe I'll just ... I won't exactly run my fingers through it, or you know, shuffle it around like everyone else did."

Most agreed that the hair was close to real life, but didn't quite live up to the real thing. Tiffany Goldberg, who got to the museum at 8 a.m., said, "The hair is just not ... I don't know. It's different." Raven McLean, in line since 6 a.m., said, "I touched his hair. It wasn't like touching his real hair or anything like that, but it was nice." Tess Kondratiev said of the hair, "It felt so good. It's not 100 percent real but it still feels really good."

One fan said she exercised restraint when posing for her photo with the figure. "It's not as close to the real thing, but it's definitely good for wax. I hugged it. I didn't really want to attack him because he looked too perfect, so I gave him a hug just to be really gentle with him."

Marisol Demonte lined up at 4 a.m. for her chance at being photographed with wax Rob. "When it comes to RPattz fans, there's no limits," she said. "So I thought that there would be people camping out and stuff, but it wasn't that bad. I was the first one here. It was worth it."


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Jane said...

If I read one more interview about Rob Pattinson not showering, I am going to scream. That's old people, move on, that was during his not famous period when he was just slumming around. He looks wonderful and clean to me every time.