Monday, March 22, 2010

Cinematical: Is Robert Pattinson a Movie Star or Just a Teen Idol?

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland remains queen of the box office, but Robert Pattinson's romantic drama, Remember Me, raked in an underwhelming $3,300,000 on 2,215 screens during its second weekend -- for a paltry total of $13,900,000. Even more shocking is that it came in at number 10 under the practically unheard of Our Family Wedding, which begs the question -- why is one of the hottest male stars raking in forgettable box office numbers?

Granted, $13.9 million isn't the end of the world since Emilie de Ravin's tale about a rebellious young man who meets the love of his life after a family tragedy only had a budget of $16 million -- but it certainly suggests that Robert Pattinson isn't the draw for fans, but the character Edward Cullen is. People fell in love with Cullen while reading Stephanie Meyer's books and then became enamored with Pattinson through the films. Finally, legions of fangirls had their immortal boyfriend personified on screen and the spell seems near impossible to break. Pattinson's young female fan base doesn't really want to see him falling in love with anyone other than Bella and his character Tyler in Remember Me wasn't the hopeless romantic clamoring for his lady love -- in fact, previews for the film looked seriously depressing and far too dreary for the teen crowd that has come to adore him.

So, can Robert Pattinson have a successful career after the Twilight series ends? What's the best way for him to transition from Edward to another character? Does he need to choose a completely different role or will that cause his fan base to abandon him entirely? Or is he destined to become this generation's Mark Hamill -- for example, so linked to a single character that no one wants to risk casting him in anything besides movies featuring glittery vampires?


Support Rob and go watch Remember Me!


Ursula said...

absolutely and positively a movie star!

Ursula said...

In response to this article, I think that it's a good thing that he is doing other movies aside for the Twilight Saga, I mean like not waiting until the Saga is done to start, you know?
(unlike Daniel Radcliffe, it'll be hard to see him as someone else other than Harry Potter)... but when I saw Remember Me it wasn't hard for me to distance Rob from Edward, in the movie he was Tyler and he did an awesome job... I think that some of the negative press comes from the undeniable fact that he is a teen idol (for now) but that will wear off sooner than later, and only the actor in Rob will be left to judge and I'm sure the critics won't be disappointed :)

Unknown said...

* Spoiler head*.....In my personal opinion I think the problem is with the movie and not with RP. Most fans like myself new the ending before the movie premiered, and even though I am dying to see him in the movie, the last thing I want is to go to a movie in where I will leave depressed or in where I will cry. Sure it happens, but the fact I knew the ending before hand is what has made me not wanting to go and see it. Most likely this is one of the major reasons why many fans have stayed away from the movie theater.

Jane said...

You should go see the movie to see Rob Pattinson and his wonderful acting, not the ending. rob was great in this movie and I went four times to see Rob, and Rob only. One of the best movies that I have ever seen and one that I will not forget.

Gisel said...

the article forget one thing. "Our Family Wedding" is not gonna make a lot of money outside of the U.S.

Robert Pattinson will make 20 millions at least (world wide) on their own. AND HE ONLY HAS 23 YEARS OLD !!!

He is new in the Business, and has Loyal fans. HE IS A MOVIE STAR

Angela said...

I think the media is asking too much from Rob Pattinson as a 23-year-old.

Really, how many movies that Kate Winslet or Leo DiCaprio made immediately after Titanic that actually made money? But give them 7-10 years both of them are considered by many as good actors.

He could follow Zac Efron's example and make a movie similar to 17 Again. But even Zac tries to stay away from doing these kind of movies.

At the end of the day, I think a) no, Rob Pattinson can't carry a movie yet; don't depend on him for box office draw; b) but he's better than a lot of guys in the field, therefore c) provding that he'll stick around for long-term, he would do very well in 10 years.

meleny said...

I agree with the comments that said that the movie it's good, Rob it's a good actor and the history of the movie it's unique, more people have to go and see it, they are going to love it!