Monday, March 8, 2010

The Boston Herald Praises Rob and Remember Me

Read carefully - a little spoilerish

...For Brosnan this Hitchcockian sure to be hit is just the start. I’ve seen “Remember Me” which opens on the 12th and he’s every bit as accomplished and memorable as the rich lawyer/divorced father of Robert Pattinson’s troubled son. There’s a boardroom encounter between the two that is all snap, crackle and a huge Pop! You’ll remember it well.

“Remember Me” is a cross between “Love Story” with Pattinson the rich collegiate in love with the cop’s daughter played by Emilie de Ravin and “East of Eden,” where Pattinson’s son is unabashed in his emotional turmoil and desperate to forge a link with his father. Boldly melodramatic, “Remember Me,” directed by Allen Coulter from a debut screenplay by U. of Delaware grad Will Fetters, is impeccably played by a cast that includes Oscar winner Chris Cooper as de Ravin’s widower dad, Lena Olin as Pattinson’s remarried mother, Kate Burton as Brosnan’s devoted assistant and an amazing child named Ruby Jerins as Pattinson’s baby sister. It’s going to cause many people to reconsider Pattinson.

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