Friday, September 24, 2010

'Eclipse' LA Premiere DVD - Exclusively from Amazon Japan

From Robstenation

Exclusively from Amazon Japan, this DVD covers everything from Cast Interviews, the LA Black Carpet Premiere: Arrivals and Interviews, Fan interviews, Eclipse Clips. Lots of clips of Rob and Kristen all throughout the 3 vids. Again, special thanks to Maika/patty13Mai

This Special Edition DVD is available when you purchase your tickets in advance for the Eclipse Japan Premiere via Amazon Japan. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be have its Japanese premiere on November 13th.

Fan/Cast interviews. Tent City. David Slade compares Rob to Elvis at 5:03

Black Carpet Arrivals

Black Carpet Interviews


JA said...

wow...japan is not getting Eclipse until mid november?!

JA said...
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twmmy said...

Poor Japans...they must wait until november ? And anoter year to BD1.

Carlie said...

Thank you, Mandy!!!!! Amazing videos!!!

Unknown said...

@JA I think some countries have not seen Eclipse, yet, and that includes Japan. Another 5 to 10 millions in the making?

Leydy said...

omg this is insane! i cant believe i was there!!!! best day of my life~