Monday, September 6, 2010

Rob to guest star on Entourage on September 12?

According to

Entourage season 7 episode 10 called “Lose Yourself” which was directed by David Nutter and written by Doug Ellin did not air this evening on HBO but will be broadcast on September 12, 2010.

As you eagerly wait for Entourage’s heated finale which will explain how the friends end up losing all they have worked for – here is the preview of the upcoming installment:

Mrs. Ari is still fuming over Ari’s angry meltdown the night before, Ari tries desperately to keep her surprise party on track. The guys attempt to stage an intervention for Vince, who has gone off the deep end. Turtle scrambles to find investors to save the tequila business. Eric receives an unexpected request from Terrance McQuewick, which leads him to consider Scott’s business proposal. Robert Pattinson guest stars as Ari’s most difficult client ever.

And From

There are more reasons for a person to tune into HBO on the 12th September. Apart for the usual crew of the show that has amused the people over a long time, a surprise is expected. It is surprising but true that in this episode, the star of the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson will make a guest appearance.

Most of the sites like HBO, TV.COM, TV Guide or IMDB still don't say anything about him being a guest star on the show, but we never know. Christina Aguilera is on HBO's preview of the episode, and she isn't listed in any of these sites either.

A couple months ago, Mark Wahlberg talked about a possible Rob cameo and his comment was "Yeah. We'll see about that."



rdrumm5 said...

That would be awesome. :)

MsRobThomPattzable said...

I hope its true! I can't w8 to see rob...probably in a suit! :)

Unknown said...

Wow I hope this is true! Rob being a diva lol. How did we not know he was even doing this?? I thought the fandom knew EVERYTHING :-)

Jane said...

Entourage is one of my favorite Sunday night shows. I have watched it since the beginning. How exciting that Rob will be on the last episode of the season. I guess that is why he had to hand in LA. Can't wait to see it.

MsRobThomPattzable said...

Its confirmed ppl! He WILL be there, another source has confirmed it.

Check out the video of its trailer- Rob isn't in the trailer but sources do say HE WILL BE THERE!

Anonymous said...

Is this true or just like that Angelina Jolie movie rumor? I want Rob to be on Entourage because many guys watch it, but I don't know. Zefron guest starred and it was very short but they advertised it a bunch. Christina Aguilera is supposed to be on that epi and they announced her too. It just seems like they would hype it for ratings if it was true. I will wait and see what gossipcop says.

Iluvthemovies said...

If it is true, hooray for hollywood. I am looking forward to this so much. JA and I were discussing about the Walhburg's interview and they asked about Robert Pattinson and he cryptically said who is that? Yea right, if u don't know who Rob is in the film industry, u are in the wrong industry. I hope it is true, I will tape it regardless, just to be certain, unless gossip copy says otherwise.

behnaz said...

tnx angy