Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson is Not Part of the “Entourage”

“Robert Pattinson Is Going To Be On Entourage!” exclaims a giddy Perez Hilton.

After providing a “SPOILER ALERT,” the blogger announces, “There is a BIG surprise in store for Twilight fans – Robert Pattinson is slated to guest star!”

According to Hilton and other outlets, “Robert Pattinson guest stars as Ari’s most difficult client ever” on the episode airing this Sunday, September 12.

“Can RPatz handle ‘comedy’?” Hilton wonders.

Well, we know Pattinson can do comedy, ever since we saw him “bothered” in a tree with Jimmy Fallon last spring.

But here’s Gossip Cop’s spoiler: Perez Hilton does comedy, too, albeit unintentionally.

Robert Pattinson has NOT filmed a cameo for “Entourage.”

A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively that it’s “not true.”

Gossip Cop

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Unknown said...

..., a well educated form of publicity stunt. Put Robert Pattinson in it and WHAM!! it will be all over the world in a matter of seconds....,and its free!!! Mark W the producer should kiss Rob's arse instead of pretending that he doesn't know who he is.