Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A list of celebrities to allow your partner to sleep with? Yes, and Rob comes at 5th

The top 10 famous women and men that couples would allow their other half to sleep with - and not perceive it as being unfaithful, more commonly known as ‘the list’ - has come in for 2010 and Twilight star Robert Pattinson comes a measley fifth for ladies while Cheryl Cole floats at a disappointing sixth. Pah!

A new study revealed that Brad Pitt and Megan Fox are the number one celebrities we’ve asked our spouses to allow us to be intimate with should the chance come up.

Mark Pearson, Managing Director of said:

“I think that having a ‘list’ in a relationship is fine, as long as they are taken in jest and feelings aren’t hurt. Just because a person is in a romantic relationship it doesn’t mean that they are going to stop appreciating other people’s appearances!”

He continued: “I do wonder if any of the respondents would ever actually follow through with their ‘list’. I can’t help but think that even if people were confronted with the situation whilst in a serious relationship, they would probably shy away from it!”

Here are the top 10 most popular answers from the female respondents:

1. Brad Pitt – 69%

2. Johnny Depp – 67%

3. Gerard Butler – 66%

4. David Beckham – 63%

5. Robert Pattinson – 61%

6. Ashton Kutcher – 58%

7. George Clooney – 57%

8. Justin Timberlake – 54%

9. Will Smith – 52%

10. Hugh Jackman – 51%

Full article and the list from male respondents at the source


Iluvthemovies said...

My List would go like this:

No others need to go on my list, I have the younger man, the complicated man, and the family man. That is all I want. My life would be complete. It does not get better than that, unless it truly happens, and then I would go running for the hills, I would be too scared to follow through *chicken*.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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behnaz said...

au lalla
i like

Unknown said...

"allow your other half to sleep with and not percieved it as being unfaithful." Meaning.. Brad is the safest, while Hugh is the most dangerous?!

@ilovethemovies, please help me understand:)

JA said...

my list is:
1. Rob
2. Rob
3. Rob
4. Rob
5. Rob

and in a perfect world..
1. Edward
2. Edward
3. Edward
4. Rob
5. Rob


19Angie84 said...

@ Ja: I looooooooove your lists, both of them!

My list would look like:

1. Rob
2. Edward (the MotU one)
3. Edward (the normal one)
4. David Boreanaz

MsRobThomPattzable said...

At least taylor lautner isn't on the top 10. :)

RobPattinsonBerlin said...



Iluvthemovies said...

@19Angie84, Yes Rob as Part of Edward (Motu)but not to painful.

@JA, that answer was so obvious, veins, feet, and all things Rob.

I have eclectic tastes I need a variety.

Calihi27 said...

My list would be this:
1. Rob as Rob
2. Rob as Edward
3. Rob as Tyler
4. Rob as Cedrick

JA said...

@iluvthemovies...forehead vein porn.

@calihi27, i LOVE it!!!!!!

twilightnan said...

I think @JA and @Calihi27, LIST are the best,..LOVE it!! Hugs to all the FAVS:)

Barbara Fenwick said...

My list would consist of Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, etc.

Nicole said...

I would have to squeeze rob as Daniel in there too. I love geeky Rob.

Anonymous said... there's no Taylor Lautner and Justin Beiber ??? LOL...

I think ROB is the youngest of them all..Right ?

meleny said...

Only ROB, He's the only one for me!

Anonymous said...

Ok, theres no way Rob should be 5th

1. Rob
2. Kellan (Emmett)
3. Rob
4. Kellan
5. Rob

twmmy said...

If i were younger there would be Rob or Edward, but now I want my husband only. Rob, sorry, you are too young or me, and i don't want any other man in my bed inside my loved husband.