Friday, September 17, 2010

Zac Efron compares his beard to Rob's and Stephen Moyer talks his apology to Rob

Zac Efron Asked About His Beard in Comparison to Rob’s at the Charlie St. Cloud Premiere in London

Meanwhile the results of our Zac Efron beard poll are in, and surprisingly an overwhelming majority of you prefer the HSM star with facial fluff – a statistic we feel we should probably pass onto Zac himself as he seems to be having doubts about the new addition to his face.

At the premiere last night Zac told one reporter that his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t particularly fond of his beard.

“Well Vanessa finds it very itchy when I kiss her” he said. The when asked whose beard was thicker – his or Robert Pattinson’s, Zac replied: “Probably Rob’s.” – True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Still Asked About His Rob Comment

Did you really call Robert Pattinson a pussy and the Diet Coke of vampires?

I really did. But just his character. The truth is, you get asked and asked and asked this stuff. One day I was with my daughter in the car and the paparazzi stood in front of me so I couldn’t drive away so I had to give them something. I haven’t even seen Twilight. I don’t know the books but all I know is that Edward drinks cow blood instead of human blood. So I went: ‘He’s a pussy, he doesn’t even drink real blood, he’s the Diet Coke of vampires.’ I sent him a message saying: ‘Dude, I hope you realise this is a joke.’ I’ve still never met him.

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twilightnan said...

What's going on with you Zac..first it's the hair style, and the,it's Rob's beard..what's next I wonder??..Rob is still the best..that's why he is the Global Superstar 2010!!

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

@twilightnan ITA with u and i like zac like taylor lautner..i think they great kids..but...personality wize...zac should stop this thing he's doing..i mean he is hot already why add stuff u don't really need...WTV..