Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water for Elephants London Premiere Location Confirmed and Running Time?

According to the Official Press Release, the Water for Elephants Premiere in London will be hosted at the Vue, Westfield London on May 3rd. Rob, Reese, Christoph and director Francis Lawrence will attend.

Water for Elephants' Running time?

In the Press Release, there are "Certificate" and "Running time". Since the certificate is 12A, they probably got mixed up. Does that mean the movie's running time is 115 minutes? We think so :)

Here is the Official Press Release

Thanks to Team Pattinson UK for the Press Release


twilightnan said...

This is great!..thanks so much for this info I have to see if I can persuade the hubby to take me to this WFE premiere..Can't wait!love to all the favs:)

JA said...

@twilightnan, you have no excuse, you must go!

twilightnan said...

@JA..I know..I know..I'm keeping everything crossed lol!!I keep telling him that you're all going to the NYC premiere..I'm trying to make him feel hopefully he'll be fed up by the end of April and I'll get my way!!then it will be Rob and I come!!hugs favs:)

twmmy said...

twilightnan, you can say your hubby, that the hungarian girls go by car to Berlin to the premiere. It takes, 1800 km.... But there will be ROB!