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Another NEW Italian Interview - Rob talks music, pretzels, England and more

Translation is bad - Google translate AGAIN! Hopefully someone will translate the interview

From Di Piu TV # 13 Magazine

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Robert Pattinson, from the vampire saga Twilight, looks tired but smiles because he is promoting his new film Water for Elephants, and is ready to talk about everything but Kristen Stewart, who everyone says is the his girlfriend. All except for the fact that he does not want to even talk.

Q : What about the new film Water for Elephants : just starting, the screen displays a sign that says that hir character is waiting to begin his life in the sense that so far nothing has happened not important. Have you ever had this feeling? Also consider what was the turning point in his life?
R : My life has started, while I have not yet reached a turning point, although I seem to get every two years. Let me explain: every two - three years, it is as if my life had an accelerated growth and each time I find myself thinking: now what will happen?

So what do you expect to happen now?
I don't know. I think I'm reaching the end of something.

Are you talking about your private life or work?
Of both. The work affects the privacy, and we say that all three films is as if change and become something else

Now what would you like to do?
I would like to have more 'voice in the preparatory work on a film. The next that I will shoot, after finishing the Twilight series will be Cosmopolis with David Cronenberg: I ​​think that will be fun and it'll be something completely different from the Twilight saga. And then, after turning Cosmopolis, I think I will work on some project that I will start from scratch. I already have a few ideas in mind.

Are you talking about music? Do you still want to be musician?
Yes, even if they are not sound more 'for some time. I mean I do not play more 'every day. For example, some time ago I was in New Orleans and I started playing the piano with a local group. It was fun, I wondered: Why I stopped playing the piano? . It 'was amazing, I enjoyed it very much. However, to devote myself to music, I think I should leave everything I'm doing now, take six months just to play and 'take my hand' with the guitar and piano. In this moment of my career however, I cant afford to do that.

In fact you're now only focused on your acting career: what it feels like to be the guy who now creates more 'batticuori around the world? The love of women of all ages, not just teenagers.
I can't explain how I feel. Yeah, sure is nice, but really I hope that all this love depends on me and my work and not the public imagination that sweeps over me. I hope to please as they are and not what the public image that I am or what I perceive to be his eyes. I'm happy for that love and all I can do to thank everyone who loves me so much is to do my job well and hope that my films to be appreciated. I do not know how else to thank my audience.

You seem too modest. Yet when you look in the mirror you should notice that you're very handsome and loved for that reason ...
Yes, I realize. But it's funny because before Twilight I have never played the handsome guy. Then, after Twilight, everything has changed and it is strange because, suddenly, everyone started to look differently.

I read that once you went to dinner with a fan, is it true or is it just a rumor invented?
It 's true, it happened in Spain. But before Twilight. The girl was a fan of Harry Potter and had recognized me: I was in Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.)

In which city of Spain?
Barcelona, ​​where I was shooting Little Ashes . I was shooting in the Catalan city, and this girl was always waiting for me outside my apartment and always asked for an autograph. Every day. I dont know anyone in Barcelona, ​​and she could speak English and seemed like a normal person. One night while I was going out to dinner alone, as I always did, she was there as always out of my apartment, then I asked "Do you want to have dinner with me?". We had dinner .. and then returned to wait no longer! She took me to dinner in her parents' restaurant to 'pay' the bill.

Congratulations! Change the subject: how do you relax when not working?
I don't relax, I can't. While it is pathetic to say so I want to plan a trip by plane only to have the time to be able to sleep.

But what do you do when not working? How is your perfect day?
When not working I spend time sitting and I'm terribly boring. I try to watch a movie, but my concentration is very short, so after twenty minutes I get distracted and start to play video game on my Iphone. It 's a game that requires no concentration, just to roll a small ball. I can stay seated and engaged in this game for sixteen hours at a time!

It 's almost like meditation ....
Yes! And it is everything I do on my days off: I sit, play and I feel more and more 'frustrated!

Do you have a very stressful life? And if so, is to relax from the stress of making this game?
More than stressed, I'm always tired. It 's a strange feeling to feel always tired, always tired. Would you like to be at peace, but you can not even rest, It 's like if I keep running even when they are stationary.

Could do to get better sport. Go to the gym or train in some other way?
Unfortunately I had to train at the start of filming of Breaking Dawn, the latest film in the saga of Twilight. I did not want any, but I had to do because I had to shoot many scenes without shirt and it haunted me: I did not look bad. So I started eating healthy, doing a lot of gymnastics and cycling. I spent a lot of the gym and then, as soon as I finished shooting the scene without my shirt I stopped. I hope now, nevr have to exercise and eat all the sandwiches Pretzel I want!

Why pretzel?
I love them! It 's crazy, but I eat more' than a pound a week. And I also love the peanut M & M's with peanuts. E 'foolish, but I can not resist the pretzel and M & M's. Pretzel I also love my dog!

Do you have a dog? How does it deal with all the constant move?
I have no idea yet, given that I took a few days. It 's a hybrid, I took it from a shelter where he was to be shot down. I've seen and I've got. I didnt want it to die. I have not yet given a name yet. When I was a teenager I had a dog for years and it was very relaxing around forever. And now my pleasure to have my new dog always with me is like a lifeline.

Do you feel homeless, because you always have to travel?
A lot, and it's a weird thing. When I am overwhelmed by work, I do not think, I roll forward. I go home, set the alarm, I fall asleep, I wake up and go to work. No matter where I am. I could be in 'my' London but would still be the same wherever I am.

What do you miss from England when you are in the United States or other countries?
The dailies. I still prefer the English ones. But, in fact I miss the sports pages of newspapers.

What in the sports pages?

What is the lesson he has learned in recent years?
That it is impossible to please everyone

Scans and Transcript - In Italian

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