Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW UHQ Pictures of Rob at the InStyle Golden Globes After Part

Thanks to Setje at Pattinsonlife. More pictures from the InStyle After Party here

Click for UHQ






Unknown said...

thanks for sharing

twilightnan said...

Rob looks Fabulous in that dark/navy blue Gucci suit! stunningly beautiful man<333!hugs to all the favs:D

MesmerizedbyRob said...

More hotness and burning love... <3

kristinson60 said...

Is there a color that Rob doesn't look "Gorgeous" in, Really! Everytime he puts a suit on I look and say "oh he looks great in black", then it's "oh he looks fantastic in burgundy", "oh he looks real handsome in dark brown"; not this navy blue suit with satin lapel's. Good grief is the man trying to kill us all.