Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NEW Picture of Rob and Alice Cooper at the backstage of the Tonight Show

ETA: Added another new picture

A little different than the one posted before

The other pictures were posted in HQ HERE.

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Iluvthemovies said...

On Rob's next road trip he needs to stop at Alice's restaurant in Arizona. They both rock the look.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

ROB looks like a kid with a new toy! lol

Buena onda Alice Cooper!!

twilightnan said...

Hi!there!OMG!this is super two of my fave Favs are here!..no doubts drooling..at the sight of Rob..lol!!Rob looking even hotter without his suit jacket on..with that beautiful smile,Rob looks like a kid on Christmas morning!..hugs to u favs:)

Iluvthemovies said...

I am being a bit pervy here, but I do see pecs under that shirt, his body looks nice and firm, we need some leaked photos of the honeymoon, and I don't mean feathers. I know some of you don't want to see anything until the movie is released, but I can assure you it won't ruin the movie for me one bit.lol Hi Yaelfica and twilightnan, we are getting good stuff today on Rob. Thanks Mandy and Linda, you keep feeding us and we always seem to yearn for more. We are very grateful.

MesmerizedbyRob said...

What an honor. :-) So happy for Rob.