Monday, March 21, 2011

Robert Pattinson Backstage Interview With Bryan From ‘The Tonight Show’

Whitney Cummings talks about Rob

Aice Cooper talks about Rob

Full backstage video in HD

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twilightnan said...

Rob is such a wonderful,very modest,charming person,he looks so genuinely happy to have that Alice Cooper's Baton and that packet of Beef Jay Leno said "you know you're a star when you get this beef jerky flown in especially for you!..He was so adorable I would have been screaming the loudest if I was on that show!lol!!Hi to the fabulous Favs..missing you all guys:(

JA said...

Rob is a rock star!

MesmerizedbyRob said...

Rob is all kinds of adorable. He makes me smile no matter what. A ray of sunshine on the cloudiest day. He makes me laugh right along with him. :-D