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Rob in Elle Russia - NEW Interview and NEW Picture (Outtake)

The full version of the new picture, thanks to Setje :)

Rough translation of the interview thanks to firefoxyk at Pattinsonlife

Briefly coming out of "Twilight" to give "Water for Elephants", the most charming vampire in the world, Robert Pattinson talked with Galina Galkina.

- They say you agreed to participate in the movie "Water for Elephants" only after meeting your partner - Tai the elephant. How did she win you?
Rob: Her trainer asked me "Do you want to see what tricks she can do?" It turns out that Tai can do a parody of a horse and even a chicken! When the trainer asked her to show a horse, she did this "Frrr!" sound. How can you get an elephant to do this? She knows how to play ball and even can make a stand at the forelegs. And I thought, "This is an amazing animal! I was very lucky that I was invited to be in a movie with her!"

- Do you have pets?
Rob: For 18 years I had a dog. She died two years ago. Now I have another dog. I bought it two, no, three days ago.

- Really? What's the breed?
Rob: It's a little puppy, common mongrel. I took it from the animal shelter, he should have been put to sleep today. And now he's going to be my dog.

- How old is he? He cries at night?
Rob: Six months. No, he's very quiet. He hasn't utter a sound. This is very strange (laughs)

- Who do you want to be when you were a child?
Rob: When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a pianist, but later became interested in politics and decided that this was my future. And I decided to become an actor after all (laughs)

- Is there a talent that you would like to have?
Rob: I'd like to know how to dance. I'm very bad at dancing.

- What was the nickname you had as a child?
Rob: There isn't. Everyone called me by my name only

- Reese has admitted that she was very lucky that she had to kiss you. How can someone seduce you in real life?
Rob: I think if a girl is smart, talented and ambitious, then she has a chance (laughs) I've always liked that.

- Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Rob: I don't consider myself particularly beautiful! (Laughs)

- Can you describe yourself in three words?
Rob: Oh God! (Laughs) Well, I don't know. Yes! I don't know. It's three words (laughs)

- Have you ever dated several girls at once?
Rob: In real life?

- Yes, in real life
Rob: No, I don't think so

- A lot of people are afraid of the circus. Do you have a phobia? What are you afraid of?
Rob: Drowning. I can't stand to be under water

- Do you know how to swim ?
Rob: (laughs) I'm very bad at it. And I wouldn't want to learn how to do it better.

- Between the filming of "Twilight" and "Water for Elephants" you had to change your hair color - by yourself. Are you ready for other experiments?
Rob: I would really like to play a very fat man. I'd like tO get fat for some kind of role. This is so cool! (Laughs) But at the same time I am afraid that afterwards I can't lose weight and will stay fat man for the end of my life.

- And were you ever on a diet?
Rob: Yes (laughs) It's awful. I will need a diet soon because I have to appear without a shirt in one scene (laughs)

- I heard that you played Reese Witherspoon son in "Vanity Fair"?
Rob: Yes, it was my first role

- How interesting! And now you're playing her lover. At this pace she will soon play your daughter!
Rob: (laughs) And I am - her mother!

- Reese said that you laughed a loT on the set. When were you laughing for the last time?
Rob: I was shooting the final "Twilight" movie and I had to fight with another character. It's still stands before my eyes, how funny he did one move (tries to show it, sitting on a chair). Charlie Bewley had a huge cloak on, and he needed time to throw all this cloak away. When I talk, it does not seem funny, but if you saw how it happened, you would have laughed heartily too.

- And when were you fighting for the last time not in the movie?
Rob: I was probably 20 or 21 years old. It was very strange (laughs). One guy approached me and tried to rob me while I was with my five friends. I told him, "What are you doing?" (Laughs) So it was quite a small fight. We hit each other just for once. That's all.

- At the beginning of the film "Water for Elephants" Jacob is ninety years old, he lives in a nursing home. What do you think you'll be doing in, say, not seventy, but at least thirty years?
Rob: In thirty years I will be 54. I have no idea.

- Yes, when you're young time passes so quickly. But there's a lot of rumors about the end of the world. What do you think about this?
Rob: I'd like to think that the real threat of the end of the world will arrise when i'll still be alive, and then we'll all have to move to another planet (laughs). I really want to live on another planet. But in reality, this does not necessarily have to be the end of the world, so I hope all this does not happen.

- There's always rumours about you having a romance with Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson. Rumors about romance with what actress or singer it would have been nice to hear for you?
Rob: Hmm .. There is nothing good about these rumors (laughs). I'm trying to remember someone interesting, but no one comes to mind. Maybe someone, like .. No, nothing comes to mind. Sorry.

Scans and translation: firefoxyk at Pattinsonlife


Suus said...

Great pic and I like the way he talks about his dog. So sweet. I have two dogs and I like his choice for this dog saving him from the dead.

Suus said...

WOW, thanks for translating the complete interview

Nicole said...

Cute that he talked about his dog but I am still skeptical about written interviews especially since Rob even said last friday during the MTV interview that he was misquoted in VF.

2 things

1)The one about what type of girl, Kristen is all of those things and thats probably what he was thinking

2)The last one about the rumors, he didn't need to answer because he already has Kristen.

meleny said...

Thanks for the interview!