Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adele talks about Rob

ETA: Added youtube video for those that can't watch vh1's video.

Starts at 0:38. Funny and sweet :)

Youtube - just Rob's part

Source | Thanks to KStewDevotee


Suus said...
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Kristin said...

Although I'm from Estonia, I totally agree with Adele. He really needs to go back to the UK. Otherwise everyone IS going to think he's American. He's British and that's partially the reason I totally love him. That's why I love Adele as well. :D

Iluvthemovies said...

I agree with Adele in that Robert needs to return to the UK to do promotions on British television. When he arrives in England he needs to stop by the chats shows in England, I especially love Graham Norton, he is so funny and I think it would put Robert at ease. He needs to get back to his roots for both promotion of future movies and to do some films or British television in England. I am American but I appreciate him for his Britishness.

JLC said...

@iluvthemovies -ITA I would love for Rob to be on Graham Norton. His show is amazing - love that all the guests come out at the same time and actually get to interact with each other and the guest is actually allowed to talk. American shows are all about the host and the stupid monologue. The guest gets a few minutes to answer incredibly stupid questions and show a clip. Although, I would love to see him on Craig Ferguson's show, the two of them together would be hilarious!!

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

OMG! I just tweeted that I REALLY, REALLY WANT a duet with Adele and Rob. Can you even imagine? #Cosmopolis SoundtrackFTW! Would be OUTSTANDING.

Their voices. Amazing.