Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback of Rob's last interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Don't miss Rob on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35 pm on NBC

Here is a flashback of Rob's last interview. Videos and pictures :)


HQ/Untagged Stills

Stills thanks to Pattinsonlife


Suus said...

i saw this for the first time and I enjoy it. He is a litle bit shy but very very funny. (and sexy)

Bruna Mendes said...

Will be live?

Mandy said...

No. He will tape this afternoon and it will air tonight

JA said...

love love LOVE when his teeth are on his lips like the 2nd to last pic. can't wait for the big rob nite!

Bruna Mendes said...

Thanks Mandi ;)

JLC said...

I loved this interview. I actually developed a little crush on his dad who was so adorable. You can see where Rob gets his charm.