Friday, March 18, 2011

Rob's Interview with MTV - Full interview in 30 clips from MTV

If you don't watch the interview in 30 short clips, you can watch the full interview HERE in 1 video. Pictures and screencaps from the interview here.

MTV Videos

MTV First: Robert Pattinson

Is Robert Really Team Jacob? (Apparently this one is blocked outside the US)

Robert Pattinson Describes Working With His Bigest Co-star Yet

Robert Pattinson Compares Elephant Farts To Hurricanes

Reese Witherspoon Says Robert Pattinson Is 'Extraordinarily Attractive'

Robert Pattinson 'Likes Hot Girls'

Has Robert Pattinson Met The Author Of 'Water For Elephants?'

Robert Pattinson Feels 'Cool' Doing The Jersey Accent

RPattz Talks Making Love On Camera

Robert Pattinson's Hair Evolution

Robert Pattinson Sports His MTV Gear In Vancouver

Pattinson Flashback: MTV News' First Interview With Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Talks 'Twilight' Regrets

Robert Pattinson And Josh Horowitz Discuss Pattinson's Growth As An Actor

RPattz Drop Details On 'Bel Ami'

Robert Pattinson Talks 'Cosmopolis'

RPattz Talks 'Close Calls With The Animals' On 'Water For Elephants' Set

Will Robert Pattinson Star In The 'Daredevil' Reboot?

Robert Pattinson Wants To Be A Superhero

Robert Pattinson Is Unsure About The Status Of The Film 'Unbound Captives'

Robert Pattinson On 'Top Secret' Screenwriting

Robert Pattinson Talks 'Breaking Dawn'

RPattz Wants To Get Back To His Music Roots

Robert Pattinson Talks About Playing Piano On The Set Of 'Breaking Dawn'

Is Music A Big Part Of Robert Pattinson's Life?

RPattz Has 'Never Seen' 'Glee'

What Is Robert Pattinson's Favorite City In The U.S.?

Will Robert Pattinson Ever Host 'Saturday Night Live'?

Robert Pattinson Discusses His Dance Moves In 'Water For Elephants'

RPattz Reminsces About His 'Wonderful' Experience Shooting 'Water For Elephants'


Or watch at MTV

International links, in case the US one doesn't work for you:

UK | France | Italy | Poland | Netherlands | Germany | Portugal | Australia | Latin America | I think this one will work in all countries in Europe

Thanks to everyone on twitter for the international links.


Jane said...

OMG. The best interview ever. Did Rob actually have a swagger walking with Josh, new jeans that fit so good, strong thighs, his other new shirt. I just wanted to eat him up. What a hunk of man.

Sasnhi said...

I can't watch the YouTube video :(

jennpattz said...

hey guys was anyone able to see the '
Is Music A Big Part Of Robert Pattinson's Life?'
video because its no longer available and am not allowed to see the live stream!

kristinson60 said...

Thanks for posting this it was a really good interview he covered a lot of stuff with Rob in such a short time. The only thing I don't like about Robs interviews is that he downgrades himself so much. I really wish he would see just how great of an actor he is and what a great person he is; hopefully in time he will.

Suus said...

The fuyll film wasn't working very well but these shorter movies where ok and I wil thank you for sharing. I enjoy it very much. Rob has stolen my hart. Heá a great guy and it's great to watch him speak so easely