Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas &hearts

Happy Holidays

Mandy & Linda

Thanks Deb for the lovely banner.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Mandy, Linda and all Robert's fans and supporters!! =)

Merry Christmas!!

Susan said...

Merry christmas!!!
I love your blog so much!!!
Happy holidays.

twmmy said...

Merry Christmas RPL and all Rob's fans!

Unknown said...

Merry christmas!!!
I love RPL!!!

twilightnan said...

Merry Christmas to both of you Linda and Mandy!! and all Robert pattinson fans in RPL!!and to all the Favs!!..Iluvthemovies,Yaelfica,JA,Twilola,Mrs.Deen and papagaj!..a Big Christmas Hugs to all of you!!

rdrumm5 said...

Happy Holidays. :)

RobStenation said...

Merry Christmas Mandy and Linda! Have a wonderful Holiday!


Evy said...

Merry Christmas to you too! So glad you're back with us now. <3

kt said...

lovely banner!
merry christmas! :)

meleny said...

I love the banner!
Merry Christmas!

papagáj said...

Merry Christmas from the frozen to the bone Poland:)))
Recently I am busy and holiday break is an opportunity to wish you, Mandy and Linda and my dearest FAVS:Twilightnan,Iluvthemovies,Mrs Deen,JA,Yaelfica and the rest of fans, that your deepest dreams will come true in the coming new year, which, if the comet will not hit us LOL ,probably is gonna be epic.
Christmas is a time of forgiveness,though that this site is free from hate, I wish that in these circumstances, we can forgive ourselves offensive words (yes haters), in the end everyone has a right to believe whatever he wants. And above all, a wonderful Robert and Kristen and their families (if You ever read this), I wish you all the best, because You are worth it.

Oh and Happy b-day to Stephanie Meyer

PS.sorry for typos

Peace and love for all

tina tri said...

happy xmas RPLIFE , Mandy And Linda!

Love you!

Calihi27 said...

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I hope Rob has a great one with his family and wish him the absolute best in the New Year!
Cheers and Hugs all!