Monday, December 13, 2010

WFE teaser trailer to debut ahead of Reese's new movie 'How Do You Know'

UPDATE: Via ProjectionList

Ahead of 'How Do You Know' AND online!

According to Popsugar, the Water for Elephants teaser trailer will debut this Friday ahead of Reese's new movie 'How Do You Know'.

The movie marks Reese's return to the big screen for the first time in two years and she has another exciting upcoming release, Water for Elephants, out this Spring. She gushed about working with Robert Pattinson on that project and their first preview will debut ahead of How Do You Know in theaters.

Let's wait for confirmation of this info! :)

Via WFEFilm

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twilightnan said...

Wow! this is nail biting excitement..trailer coming out for Water for Elephants this friday..I'm dying to see this..Rob would be awesome,.I love his hair cut ,and his co-stars Reese is a favourite of mine as's not long now till April 2011!..time seems to go fast as soon as we go past Christmas and the New year celebration!before we know it it's premiere/opening time for WFE..hugs to my favs..thanks RPL for posting!