Friday, December 10, 2010

Jack Whitehall (this guy again?) jealous of 'Mr Perfect' Robert Pattinson

Every few months he talks about Rob and how they went to the same school. Now he mentioned Rob on Live at the Apollo (Stand-up comedy from the world-famous Hammersmith Apollo) on BBC One.

Jack Whitehall describes how jealous he used to be of 'Mr Perfect' Robert Pattinson when he was at school with him.



Suus said...

this is really really funny ha ha ha ha

Sarah said...

Jack is lovely
I've met him :)

twilightnan said...

I've been to the London's a great venue for shows like musicals and stand up comics..but I have never heard or seen this comedian until now..hmm..I must start checking the BBC's TV guide to see what's on..anyway,..I must say this was funny..the audience thought so!..hi and hugs to my favs!!

Pilch2k said...
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