Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Remember Me' in 'Top Ten Movies of 2010' - "Remember Me was Massively Underrated"

ETA: Added article from LA Times - Overlook at the most underappreciated movies of the year. Remember Me is mentioned

Massively Underrated: Youth in Revolt / Remember Me

Youth in Revolt was an innovative comedy, but it was released during a time period where people skip the theatrical experience. And if Remember Me had featured Ryan Gosling instead of Robert Pattinson it would have been correctly hailed as great. But people got far too caught up in the ending and Pattinson's celebrity to catch that he was really freaking good in this movie. Definitely worth a watch if you you're a fan of relationship dramas

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And from LA Times

Last week, we wondered which film was the most under-appreciated of 2010. Through tweets, e-mails and comments, many of you weighed in with your choices.

Some of the more popular picks didn't surprise -- they were big-release movies with a distinct sensibility that got dissed despite (or because) they felt unique -- "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" most notably among them, or even the Sept. 11 romantic tearjerker "Remember Me."



Anonymous said...

I got my copy the day the dvd was released. Saw it at the theater at least twice too.

Iluvthemovies said...

It is rather sad that future generations will appreciate this film more than the critics and audiences that did not give this movie a chance, either because of comparisons to Rob's Edward Cullen or because of the ending that many felt were exploitive. It is a small gem of a movie and deservered to be seen and not given such a critical view. They are film snobs, who are unable to differentiate from a few actors previous or well-known past performances. As I said in a previous post I don't hear critics disparaging remarks about Jack Nicholson's snarky smile and laugh. So give Rob a break and stop comparing him to Edward Cullen and just review the performance whether good or bad.

twilightnan said...

Hi!@Iluvthemovies,..ITA with you,..I'm not from USA so I'm not familiar with the people involved in reviewing/critiques films for nominations to Golden Globe and Academy 'Oscars' you commented 'Remember Me',was.."a gem of a movie"..I thought it was a beautiful film and Robert Pattinson's performance as Tyler was Wonderful and Mersmerising..not because he looks 'HOT and Gorgeous'..but it was his acting that made me say to myself..OMG!..his acting is awesome in this!!..his acting in the love scenes was so good it made me uncomfortable,as.. I'm a big fan of Rob and Kristen pairing...but I still went to the cinema and supported Rob ,..and I'm sure Rob's fans will do the same with his next films..WFE and Bel Ami..hugs to all the favs..especially you Iluvthemovies,Yaelfica Twilola ,JA, Mrs. Deen and papagaj..and to all Rob's fans in RPL...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!