Friday, December 24, 2010

Rob Spotted at a pub in London

ETA: Added new picture, no beanie this time

on our way to the pub, fingers crossed rob pat will pop in.
casual bit of rob pat on xmas eve



From flippystew

"RPatz @ “pub” in London
It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N ( the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he KISSED her cheek!- Carol Saxon"

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JA said...

wow. i love the dark hair. this pic completely changes my mind about everything i've said about not liking it. i'll take it even for edward.

meleny said...

Wow! Thanks for the pics, is Kristeen with him in London too?