Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remember Me is one of the '10 Great Films You Missed in 2010'

From Moviehole

Remember Me

I know, I know, ‘but it’s got that guy with more gunk in his hair than Liz Hurley does in her nether regions’ but c’mon! many-a-good-actor have started out in the cinematic mailroom and graduated to an awe-impressive high-rise suite – just look at Robin ‘Mork’ Williams, Josh ‘Goonies’ Brolin, Tom ‘Bosom Buddies’ Hanks or Stephen ‘Evil Ed’ Geoffries! (Ok, bad example) – ain’t Robert Pattinson innocent until the gavel slams down!? This film, a heartrending relationship drama (it’s both about the rapport between a young couple and also one between a young man and his estranged father) that played to the tick of a 9/11 countdown, proved there’s much more to “Twilight” vamp Robert Pattinson than blank stares, sparkles and tree hopping. Quite simply, Pattinson was an eye-opener in this film. Skeptics need see it.

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Iluvthemovies said...

Wow, where were all this critics, sites, and reviews when Remember Me was first released? Stunning, that in less than a year a movie can be fully appreciated. Gosh could Twilight snobbery be what was behind all these less than stellar reviews. I guess the motto "Better late than never" is better than not having any acknowledgment at all. Great job to all those involved in making the picture and to Rob for selecting a sweet little gem of a movie role.

Unknown said...
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twmmy said...

And there will be time, when they wll understand, that Rob made Edward's character very-very right way. His Edward is the best what Edward we could get... He is not only stares blank, and not only spakling and tree hopping....He made Edward living.

twilightnan said...

Hi @Iluvthemovies,..Great comments as usual..I'm so glad Rob is now getting the recognition he deserves for his amazing portrayal of Tyler..and I hope this is will make the other critics take note and take their blinkers off when reviewing Rob's future films...I just want to Wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!!especially to you my dear Iluvthemovies ,Yaelfica,JA,Twilola,Mrs.Deen,papagaj and everyone her on Linda..Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Rob most definitely deserves recognition for this amazing movie! He is such a fabulous star that it will be no time before he's put into the running for Best Actor.