Monday, December 6, 2010

Reese Witherspoon talks about Rob: "He's a very, very handsome man, a very sensitive soul"

As a circus performer in the 2011 drama Water for Elephants, Reese Witherspoon gets in the ring with her film paramour, movie veterinarian Robert Pattinson.

"I'm not gonna lie. He's a very, very handsome man," Witherspoon tells USA TODAY's Donna Freydkin.

The two had co-starred in the 2004 costume drama Vanity Fair. And yes, times have changed for Pattinson, who's now a reluctant heartthrob thanks to the blockbuster Twilight movie series.

"The fervor and madness and girls waiting at 5 a.m. on a set in the middle of nowhere just to see him," recalls Witherspoon, of their shoot. "He's sweet and loving and has the nicest family. Kristen (Stewart, Pattinson's girlfriend) is really sweet, too. He's a very sensitive soul. He worked really hard. He looks great in the movie, too."

Her daughter Ava, 11, met Pattinson, but wasn't smitten because she hasn't read the books yet. Witherspoon thought she was too young. "I really liked them, me and all my 30-year-old friends! I love the books," she says.

As for Witherspoon, does she have it written into her contracts that all her costars have to be hunky males?

"I do. How did you find that out? Someone's gotta do it. It's like America's Test Kitchen, but for making out with hot co-stars. I do it for the girls. I love my job. They're all really good guys. And I know all their girlfriends," she smiles.



Susan said...

This movie will be great. I can't wait to see WFE.
And again, it's great that you are back.

Anonymous said...

aww glad that resse is not immuned to Rob's charm.

I hope the trailer asap !!

Iluvthemovies said...

Reese luvs her handsome men, from her ex to Rob to Bradley Cooper, she has imbeccable taste. Rob is gorgeous in this pic, just a couple more months, I just need to breathe in and out and it will be here soon.

JA said...

hi @iluvthemovies! fancy meeting you here! so glad to be 'home' and not having to check 5 other sites for info.

back to reese...cute that she mentioned kristen.

Calihi27 said...

God, I am SO looking forward to WFE!!! I think Rob is really going to shine in this movie. Reese is so sweet, I love it when people have such lovely things to say about him. It is impossible not to love this man!!!!

twilightnan said...

Hi, @Iluvthemovies,and @JA and @Calihi27..well it is nice to see familiar names commenting on RPL,again after such a longtime,we were like lost sheeps scattered all over the other is nice to be back 'home'..ah,it's great Reese mentioned Kristen--as Rob's girlfriend!..@Iluvthemovies..yes it is not long the saying goes..'good things happens to those who wait'..I'm sure Rob's performance will thrill us all...Hugs to my favs!!