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Scans/Translation: Rob in Por Ti magazine - Old interview from the Remember Me press junket

Por Ti magazine has an interview from the Remember Me press junket in their latest issue. Seems like the same questions/answers we read at that time, just a few different quotes/words, probably lost in translation.

Robert Pattinson: Remember Me
“In some ways I would like to be like Tyler, my character in the film.”

Remember Me: The Plot
Tyler is a conflicted young man who has problems with his family and with life. But the day he meets Ally, his life changes! Together they live out an unforgettable love story.

Robert Pattinson: “I am romantic in my own way.”
He’s not one to talk about his personal life, but with Por Ti he made an exception!

In Remember Me, our sexy Rob plays Tyler, a young man with many problems. With this pretense, we are launched into New York, where we prove once again that the actor continues being that shy young man, who, since the Twilight saga, stole our hearts.

Por Ti: Rob, tell us, in this movie we see you as much more aggressive. Was it hard work to give life to Tyler, your character?
Rob: No, because I understand perfectly the anger someone feels towards themselves in life in general.

Por Ti: But if you seem to be a super calm guy…
Rob: Appearances can be deceiving [laughs]. In my adolescent years I put an end to fights, but the majority of the time I never entered in to any. One time I got punched in the nose [laughs] without meaning to or being afraid of it. It was a real disaster.

Por Ti: Really? Did you at least win one?

Rob: No, not now or ever [laughs]. When we shot Remember Me, the guys I was fighting with would die of laughter because I would hurt my hands from so many punches, while they didn’t feel a thing!

Por Ti: And was it hard to film the bar fight scene?
Rob: [laughs] In that fight, as I hit with twice my strength and apologized to him, he said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t even feel the hit.” It was humiliating [laughs even harder].

Por Ti: Wow, what a good story! Hey, that rebel reputation, are you sure you weren’t like that when you were younger?
Rob: I really never was. I actually think now is when I’ve been most like that.

Por Ti: Do you think that’s due to the pressure that fame puts on you?
Rob: Exactly. When the whole world is watching you, they create stories and give you labels that have nothing to do with you. It’s almost impossible for you not to explode!

Por Ti: And surely you’re more followed now that you have a famous girlfriend…
Rob: [laughs] It’s difficult for anyone. Lots of people think our lives are all about taking pictures and stuff like that. But it becomes a real bother when they’re taking pictures of you all the time.

Por Ti: Are you the kind to get riled easily?
Rob: Generally, no. You know why? Because with my characters I can vent the internal anger I have.

Por Ti: Is there anything that can provoke you to lose control?

Rob: Yes, there is something. I hate that people have prejudices about me!

Por Ti: A prejudice for you would be that people think you’re not romantic?
Rob: That’s not true. In my own way, I’m very romantic. For me it means seeing love through the eyes of a child, without letting yourself be influenced by negative experiences.

Por Ti: The movie also talks about the good and bad things in life. Do you ever think that what you have could come to an end?
Rob: Yes, for that reason I intend to enjoy what I have, live in the present. The future? We’ll see.

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