Monday, December 6, 2010

Jackie Zane, Water For Elephants' extra, talks about Rob and shares a story from the set

It has been several months since the filming of Water for Elephants (WFE) has wrapped and many of us have moved on to other projects. For me, it’s been an indie film here, background work there, and a couple film festivals. Yet friends still ask me about WFE and want to hear about my experiences down to the last detail. Although some time has passed, the recounting of stories keeps it fresh in my mind however some of the details are now a bit of a blur.

Many people, myself included, have shared stories with various blogs and publishings on and off the internet. I have nothing new to add in terms of high praise for the entire production! I have a few personal highlights during the experience. One of which was getting to spend time with some amazing people.

Robert Pattinson is a kind soul who always had a smile to share. He was friendly as can be and I was lucky to have shared an amazing make-up artist (named Jean) with him and we often chatted while waiting on one another for our turn with her.


Another highlight was when I was called in to work an additional day. They were shooting a scene with about 400 or so extras playing the part of ‘Rubes’ watching the elephant act under the big top. They positioned a small handful of us near Jacob as he watched Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) and Rosie (Tai the elephant) from the sidelines. The focus of the scene is, of course, Jacob (Robert Pattinson or “RP” as the crew called him). Being on set, one gets used to set photographers snapping shots from different angles. This day was a little different. There was a photographer I had not seen before. She was a petite woman with her long, dark, locks of hair tied into two braids that hung down in front of her shoulders all the way to her navel.

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This has me jumping in the air for joy to see this film. Jackie luv your reflections and musings and thanks RPL for posting it.