Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tons of more pictures of Rob leaving Sam's concert last night





Iluvthemovies said...

I luv the fact that Robert does not show any emotion so the papz only get shots of him looking down with no dazzeling smiles like at his Eclipse Premiere.

katy said...

Yeah...Rob used to be nice to the pappz but now he learned his lesson...Pappz are Nasty.
I made the mistake of watching a video from X17...they followed Rob and Tom to the Soho House and then to the Hotel...they even got in the Hotel to take pics of him...they really have No boderings and don't respect no one.
I think is better if Rob changes Hotels because now they know here he his..they are not going to leave him alone...also I hope Tom stays longer in LA with Rob...Sam has been in LA from the beggining of the month but last night was the last his Gig in LA (for now)...he probably will get back to vancuver.
Rob is still working in Water for Elephants...they have change the set location...tought I think the shooting will wrap very soon.

LTavares2011 said...
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LTavares2011 said...

Rob and Tom Stu, my London boys. I am so happy Tom is in LA. Friendship is forever.

behnaz said...

last night????
i need more pics plz

Mand said...

Don't pretend you hate it! We all love it! We all love pics of Rob out and about coz we are nosey! We want to see what he is doing, reading, eating hanging with. He looks indifferent to me. He says in interviews he gets out a lot. We prob only see a few pics of his nights out. If you want to blame anyone blame the people who twitter his location. They are worse than the papz in my opinion. There are parts to everyones job that they hate. I would rather have this that take crap of people all day in some dead end job!

So if you hate it so much why look in the first place!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, what is so interesting or special in going out to see a friend's concert?
I blame who twitters his location, and yes, maybe it's good to have some pics of him but i really prefer the ones he does want to be taken!
It's good to build a wall in front of those papz, cause they're just looking as if they're hunting in a safari and he's not he?
Anyway, I think he's behaving in a good way.Just IGNORE them

Anonymous said...

Rob :)

chet said...

let´s say NO to these photos!!!!! I hate papz, just leave him alone... seriously!!!

OCD56 said...

I agree chet. I feel so bad for Rob when I see the way the papz won't leave him alone. I love to see Rob, but I have decided to not look at any other of these papz pictures.