Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Talks About Working With Rob on 'Robert is Bothered'

PopSugar: Can we expect to see Robert is Bothered at the Emmys?
Jimmy Fallon: Of all the bits on our show that we can do, we gave [the Academy] 10 different versions of all sorts of things we could do, to which they said these are all great, but we have to give out awards. So we have to cut it down to three bits. And Robert is Bothered was not in there. I pitched Robert is Bothered for Teen Choice Awards.
PS: How was Robert Pattinson to work with on Robert is Bothered?
JF: He was a great sport. He climbed up in the tree and did it with us. I've never heard louder screams in my life. The screams didn't compare to anyone, even when Justin Bieber has been on. He was describing his movie Remember Me and people would just not stop screaming. And I was just thinking this is so cool. What an experience. I really hope he's enjoying this ride. He's a great guy and he deserves it. He was really shy and really happy — exactly the same backstage as he is on the interview. He's a charming guy, but just really shy and I just hope he's enjoying the moment. It must be super exciting to be him.

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Unknown said...

Yep, a great guy, charming, shy and a good sport. That's why we all love him.

twilightnan said...

you see..even Fallon acknowledged that the fans screams for Rob was louder than for that Justin Bieber when he was on his show..Rob was such a sport and very funny(he looked terrified )when he was up on that tree can help but just love him to bits!!

maria_Cy86 said...

I absolutely love it when people who met him talk about him like that. shy, happy, charming, shy shy shy shyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :D makes me happy and more Robsessed

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

i love jimmy!!! he also treated rob so respectfully and was very sweet and complimentary towards him so i hope rob goes to his show again soon!