Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fans didn't get to meet Rob today in Chickamauga. The ice cream man did

CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WRCB) - Their reasons for adoring Robert Pattinson may vary, but they're all here for the same reason, in hopes of the chance to lay their eyes on the Twilight Saga star.

"I just think he looks cute," Saddler Emory says.

"I love his eyes, they are gorgeous," Destiny Johnson adds.

"We're just hoping to get a glimpse or if he'd say thanks for coming or just wanted an autograph,"Samantha Johnson says.

It surely wasn't for a lack of enthusiasm or patience. Some of these folks have been here since the wee hours of the morning. The storyline here is he filmed and snuck right out, under the noses of all these crooning ladies.

Johnson says she was disappointed, but not giving up. She adds, "People were crying. One lady was furious."

Wait till she hears this, of all the hearts that were melting here Friday, guess who met him? The ice cream man.

"He's real nice, a normal person to me," Tony Gross says.

So the ice cream man made it to the set. And while we can't show you a shot of the star with his fans on Friday night. We can tell you what ice cream he picked.

"Vanilla big dipper," Gross says.

A Vanilla Big Dipper is similar to a sundae cone, some call it a nutty buddy.


Another article about fans on set today trying to see Rob at Times Free Press


Anonymous said...

awww so cream man...
I love man with ice cream and I prefer vanila too...LOL

Anonymous said...

He can't be expected to accommodate fans every time they decide to show up at film sites...they are trying to get a job done. I feel bad someone was "furious", but sheesh give him a break.

twilightnan said...

@cedrine ita w/ sad for the fans and they seem really nice ,I'm sure most of them understand Rob has a very hectic schedules to keep..perhaps he'll come back to make up for this..lucky Ice Cream man!!and how about that local lady news reporter...she looked very classy with that outfit and!!hello from England..Chickamauga,north georgia looks very peaceful and lots of open fields+ greenery great location for Rob's wfe film..looking forward to see this on the film next april 15 2011..

twmmy said...

I don't know why are they expected he will make autographs. As they readed correctly the set's infos: he didn't do it on RM, didn't do it on BA. He is working on sets, not promoting. And he shlyly greeted the fans on sets too. In Hungary specially he only smiled and waved a little.OK he said a thank-sentence on hungarian, maybe cause the setpeople asked him. So as I heard the hungarian fans were upset a little too.
I was on BA set in Budapest, saw him about far from 50 meters,and it was enough for me to be satisfied. ut... I hope they will come a premiere to Hungary, where we can get autographs from him.

Unknown said...

LOL this sounds so something that rob would do :')

Anonymous said...

I am not an actor, but I assume they have to keep all their lines in mind, and give a good performance right then when they have the location all set up. How he did such a great job filming amongst the crazy fans in NYC for Remember Me is miraculous. At least these ladies in GA were very dignified about the whole thing.
And knowing Rob, he'll hear that someone was upset and feel bad about it!

Unknown said...

Yes us ladies in the south know how to behave ourselves when necessary ;). The crew done a very good job at keeping things calm around the set and the local law enforcment and secruity done a good job with the fans. Things were very civil and the possible 'crazy fans' were told very early on that if they got out of hand by yelling too loudly or fighting then they would be promtly removed. I have to send out love to the crew who worked hard at setting up and breaking down the sets because some of them were very nice to me and my small group as we got as close as humanly possible to the set. They made sure to keep us hydrated well while we watched from near by. All in all everyone working on location was very friendly as long as everyone was well behaved. It was an awesome experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!