Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moviefone's 'Best of Twilight Unscripted

Lots of Rob :)

Check out Moviefone's 'Best of Twilight Unscripted' video, a fabulous compilation from Unscripted interviews with your favorite 'Twilight' stars

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Valéria said...

rob is soooo funny and cute!

Iluvthemovies said...

I think Rob is adorable when asked which fictional character's brain would he like to pick and he answers, Flounder from the Little Mermaid. He is a ravenous reader of books and watches many movies and picked "Flounder". He is hysterical. To me, he tries to hard sometimes to think of what will make him look cool and says the most bizarre things, but that is why we adore him. So cute.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

hahaha so funny..i had watched rob's parts before but the rest of the cast's was hilarious as well!