Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rob singing as Edward Cullen? Christian Serratos Would Love To See That

Q: Who is your favorite Twilight character?

CS: It would probably be Edward. Edward and Alice. He’s like the perfect guy ever and [she] is pretty, sassy and cool. She’s got a lot of great one-liners.

Q: Have you thought of bridging the two interests and doing musicals?

CS: That would be really cool. It would have to be a really bomb musical.

Q: A vampire musical?

CS: A vampire musical. That would be really cool. I’d be down for something like that. It would have to be something really creepy, like Repo The Genetic Opera. I feel if it’s going to be a musical, it has to be really edgy.

Q: Can you imagine a Twilight musical?

CS: Imagine Robert [Pattinson] singing as Edward Cullen? That would be cool.

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chet said...

i´ll be interesting... imagine him singing at the weading LOL

Nickie said...

Edward does hum Bella's Lullaby to Bella in the book and I'm surprised they didn't have him do that in the movie. It would have been cute to see that.

Anonymous said...

@Nickie That would have been so cute :), but unfortunately that just one of the many important things they left out :(