Friday, July 16, 2010

Rob Donates Handprint to Support Charity's Fight Against Sex Trafficking

ECPAT UK together with The Body Shop have launched a global campaign against sex trafficking and Rob is among several celebrities who provided their handprints to show their support of the campaign. You can create your own handprint and sending it to ECPAT UK.

You can also show your support by signing this petition which calls on the UK government to provide greater protection for child victims of trafficking.

Source via Robert Pattison News


rdrumm5 said...

How many people would love him even if his hand was like that in real life?

maaahtwi4ever said...

lol i'm laughting hard here, but doenst matter how the draw is, what really matters is the campaign and it's wonderful

Anonymous said...

Bigger original Robert Pattinson's drawing @TheBodyShopUK:

behnaz said...
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behnaz said...

me me me:D
i think not very:)))

Sarah said...

Signed it. Great cause... human trafficking is a real issue.

call_it_golden said...

I love that he put marks for the lines on his fingers.

Princy said...

I like the fact that he uses his celebrity status for good causes.
He is a good funny soul actually. =)
bless him <3