Thursday, July 15, 2010

29 More New Pictures of Rob on the set of Water For Elephants today + a few pics of Reese

ETA: Now HQ and Untagged

And some of Reese, if anyone is interested.

HQ and untagged thanks to setje @ Pattinsonlife



Layna said...

Her dress is beautiful.

maaahtwi4ever said...

raybanstuxwonkylegsnewhairdoRob FTW !!
and Resse is looking so gorgeous, love the dress and i like her since "Cruel Intentions".

twatty said...

looks like they are shooting the wedding scene

moonriver said...

reese, schmeese. 2 busy ogling rob.
hey, wait a minute, is this woman not wearing a bra? dirty mama! and i mean it in a good way XD

Unknown said...

Reese is beautiful actress. I remember the first movie I saw her in was The Man In the Moon. I used to watch a bit of it everyday before school. Amazing movie! Oh and Jason London is in it as well. ;-) I am very excited for WTF. I think with the cast of this movie Rob will be able to shine. Sorry to say but I am not A Kristen Stewart fan, and I don't feel she brings out the best of Robs acting. Watch him with Ruby Jerins, Pierce Brosnan in Remember Me. Javier Beltrán in little Ashes. And the best scenes in Eclipse are with Rob and Taylor Lautner. Also The Haunted Airman is one my favorites with Rob.

behnaz said...


drabrasil said...

Kristen is a very good actress, you must consider that Edward is reistraining himself on twilight books...I think Robert did a great job as Edward. I read the books a million times, in portuguese and english ..
so, this is my opinion.

I think Robert will shine even more on breaking dawn...

drabrasil said...

I meant that Edward needed to reistraint himself with Bella, this is how I see it....

Anyway...he is a great actor... and will kill us all one day or another...*sigh*

behnaz said...

nice nice
it was for which seance

LTavares2011 said...

@ RavenLilly

ITA. Rob is getting even more attractive, mature, confident and he is growing up, as an actor, more quickly in each work he has been doing: Remember Me, Bel Ami and now WFE. He loves challenges and learns a lot with great actors like Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Kristin S Thomas, Waltz and Reese. Rob is an ambitious actor ( in a good sense ) and he is conquering a faithful audience and prestigious with his charisma, talent, strong personality and charm.

SmittenWithRob said...



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♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

@ RavenLilly WTF??? did u mean WFE? i hope u did coz a ITA with ur comment if that's the case ;D

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@ dra. Kristen never changes her performance to me. She always seems to be moody and bored with her characters. I am looking forward to seeing the Runaways though, and hope she does Joan Jett justice. But I want to see it more for Dakota Fanning who is turning out to be a very talented young woman. Also with the Twilight movies I fault screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. I don't like the way she writes at all. She never gives enough to the characters and right when it seems like a big moment it dissolves. I enjoy the movies very much Ironically though my 2nd least favorite book is New Moon but is my favorite movie of the three so far. Also in the movies I'm more for Bella and Jacob to be together. Oh my did I just say that. Lol It's all a matter of opinions though... CHEERS :-)

@ LTavares2010 ITA Couldn't of said it better myself. :-)

@ Yaelfica LMAO! Opps my bad... Yeah I totally meant Water for Elephants! I can not wait for this film to come out. ;-)