Friday, July 16, 2010

Stephenie Meyer talks about the re-shoot of the tent scene and rumors about problems

Rob arriving late? Kristen sick? Taylor taking garbage?

Here is a part of Stephenie Meyer interview with the fansites where she talks about the re-shoot of the tent scene.

From Twifans - You can read and listen the other parts of SM's interview there :)

Kim: The re-shoot worked. It was great. The emotion that was in the book was in that scene.

SM: It was interesting, because the original script for it, I was fine with but then they tweaked the script because they felt like one part of the conversation got a lot more in depth in the original we kind of already knew. You know, you have the whole rehash when Edward’s talking about “when I first met her” and they pulled that and instead went with the later part of the scene where Jacob’s like “how did you cope?” And I think the emotionality of it just went through the roof.

Kim: The dialogue between Rob and Jake, I mean Edward and Jacob

Alison: And it was so long, and I loved how long it was

SM: Yeah! I love that they just let it happen. I think that, that was Rob’s best day of shooting.
It was so funny, did you guys hear all the rumors about the problems? Rob was only supposed to be there for the last day. The first two were Jacob and Bella scenes where the wig had been a problem. The last day was the tent was the tent and that was it & it was a pretty easy shoot. The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there, but between every like scene, oh, she was so sick. And Taylor, he was over digging around, grabbing garbage cans. Why is Taylor taking the garbage? Takes them over there so she could puke in them.
It was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day. You look at actors and a lot of people are like “I wanna be an actor” it's so hard and then to sit there. She’s wanting to puke and she's all feverish, and she’s having to do the shivering. She was a work horse that day. That was our only drama was that poor Kristen got sick, and I think it was food poisoning. But it was a great shoot. It was one of those days where at the end you're like “We really killed it today! It's gonna be great!" It was a great day.


Thesabstar1 said...

yeah maybe someone should direct Ted C at AT & Lainey to this interview!

Iluvthemovies said...

A rant here: Why do I never read or hear about questions to Stephanie Meyer regarding scenes that many of the fans felt were wrong in Eclipse? I would have loved the reasoning why five key scenes had deviations and what was the motiviations behind them.

1) Why did they have Bella riding off with Jacob at the schoolyard?

2)Why was there no mention when Edward is in the truck after taking out the carberator that if Bella is mad she can keep the window shut?

3)Why in the scene after Bella kisses Jacob, that Bella feels no remorse for what she did to Edward?

4) Why no emotion from Bella when you see Jacob in such pain when she tells him she is staying with Edward?

5)Why the speech at the end that she is becoming a vampire not for the love of Edward but because she is so awkward as a human, so that is why she is going to become a vampire.

So many more questions I would have asked Stephanie Meyer that many fans commented on a couple of sites I visited were the most talked about problems with the film. Now that she is a producer on BD it will be interesting to see if she puts up a fight for certain scenes and will that be a good thing.

I like the conceptial idea of Bella and Edward from Stephanie's dream, I have re-read the three first books numerous times, but an author may be brought in to advise on a film when they need to know what motivates a character but film is a visual media while the written word is what it is and the reader's interpretation and sometimes both do not always mesh. I think yes she should be asked if there are character motivation factors however, I think she has emasculated Edward, Bella is woman, she is invincible (Does anyone hear Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" song) and Jacob is hero almighty (I can hear the Mighty Mouse theme song "Here I am to save the day"). I understand maybe some changes that may be necessary to the flow of the film or because they don't want a character to come across as to wimpy or damsel in distress or a knight in shining armour but to change it so completely ruins the reader's character from the book, because lets face it this was a phenom because of the book not from any new audience members who came into the movie just to see the movie and many have said the book is better and it is true. Stephanie needed them to keep on track with the characters and I don't mind that they needed to make Bella's character stronger but at the expense of making a vampire weaker or less humorless to me it is a travesty. I say this as a movie enthusiast and reader, this saga is ready for a remake, unfortunately it won't be with our favorite trio, but I can honestly say that regardless how Twilight Saga will be regarded in future generations, at least we got Robert out of all this and that is why I am on this site not because of Twilight. I had to get this off my chest. I feel so much better. Thank you for letting me rant.

papagáj said...

come to me i want to hug You:-)

Unknown said...

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@Iluvthemovies - you are right in pointing out how wrong so many of the scenes in Eclipse were. I was very disappointed in how scenes that were beautiful in the book were so twisted or pointless in the movie, which had no magic at all. Only the tent scene was good.

However, this is not Stephanie's fault. She had no control over how David Slade and Summit wanted to do the film. Hopefully, she will have more control over BD since she'll be a producer.

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi @DreamingRob,
The only reason I mention that it may be Stephanie's fault is because I know in the interview it states that she does not always get to change the scene but Melissa Rosenburg in several interviews has mentioned she will ask Stephanie about a scene and that is why I am putting some of the fault on Stephanie but I do agree with you that Summit and the screenwriter are as much as fault if not more than Stephanie.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

@DreamingRob i hope you're right..

@iluvthemovies hi! i agree with u almost entirely..i had never heard of the books nor the movie till i saw some themes for my celphone and u could only find "crepusculo"(twilight in spanish) everywhere u looked...long story short i saw rob's int with ellen for twilight and i actually fell in love with the guy's personality right there...then i watched twilight and i didn't really like it...the make up and stuff but it grew on me. i love reading books in english so i bought the saga. also to picture rob in my mind all the time i became a fan of the books thanks to rob though i agree with all the rest u said...
they aren't the best books i read but they are fantastic and very interesting to read and i have to say that eclipse the movie was a very big dissapoinment personally for all the reasons u mentioned and the part where ed tries to grab bella so that she wont go after jake when he finds out that they are going to get married...the way she reacts towards ed so violently is so wrong!!
nobody that i know here in my town has read the books but they are fans of the movies so they have the wrong idea of why ed is the way he is with bella(comments inside the theater: is he gay?...chivo!! that means someone whose girlfriend cheats on him and he can do anything about it...and of course: what a bitch!..but well that's universal haha)...
so i agree that they are doing a lot of things wrong..the real message it's not coming across like when ed sings to her to sleep and all that stuff...and i'm afraid of what's commming like jacob imprinting on renesme...i just don't know what comments will i hear then...
sorryyyyyyyyyyy the longness!!!;D
kisses to u all!

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi Papagaj,
I am sending you out a cosmic hug through the internet.


OCD56 said...

I totally agree that these scenes should not have been changed from the books. I understand that scenes have be condensed, but they should not have been totally changed. I talked to my husband about this and he pointed out how he was so upset when they changed a major part of Return of the King. He says he does not even like to watch that movie because they had Frodo send Sam away. I love Lord of the Rings too. I understand his point. The only reason that I went to see Eclipse was to see the Edward and Bella scenes. I was very upset at the changes that have been mentioned. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book and I hope that Stephanie will keep it true to the book. One thing that I really miss in the movies is Bella and Edwards teasing and playfulness with each other in the books. I love the movies and especially Rob, but the books are so much better than the movies.

tina tri said...

i agree, i hate bella the movie, and I blame melissam, stephanie, summit and slade. SM knows what her book is about more than the fans, she doesn't have to read fansite comments to know that bella riding off wth jacob, or when she shout to edward after kissing JB or bella monoloque at the ending was a joke.

Mrs.Deen said...

I agree with all of you regarding the connection between Bella and Edward especially from Bella to Edward is not there in this movie. All through out the series I felt like I was not able to see the total love Bella has for Edward but I could see Edward's devotion and love for Bella. I thought this was a love story about a vampire and human but they have made it into an entirely different saga. Don't take me wrong out of the three movies I think this was the best one, but then this was my favourite book but what Summit was trying to do here was make it a guy movie so they will have more audience but they forgot that this Saga was made popular by all of us the fans of the book ladies. I really hope in the last movies I will be able to see Bella pouring love to Edward. the book shows her love but the movie not that much. Not even the fact that she want to change gives us the feeling she is utterly and hoplessly in love with Edward. In this movie we felt she is in love with Jacob more than Edward. Edward on the other hand was the sweetest, patient, devoted, loving, effectionate boyfriend ever. I hope Mrs. Meyer give focus to their love in the next movie after all her book started with her dream of vampire and human love and specifically how Bella was totally in love with Edward. May be she should focus on that. Just because we went to see these movies several time does not mean we loved the movie in its entirety but it was mainly our love for Edward and Bella especially Edward, Rob.
I am stopping now..sorry about the long comment.

Take care is fun to come to this site.

Laura said...

Maybe that's the reason for what Rob kept forgetting his lines in the tent scene, because Kris was so sick...
Poor guy, I think he suffered more than she :(