Friday, July 23, 2010

Emily, a "Water For Elephants" extra, talks about working with Rob and shares her experience of the Parade!

H2OforElephants posted Emily's experience of the Parade! She talks a lot about Rob, Christoph, Reese, Rosie, the other extras and a lot more. Here is just a preview of what she said about Rob (some spoilers):

First, the Big Top Band rolled through playing their instruments. The clowns and various circus acts followed; and then, there she was, Tai the elephant (Rosie). She was wearing her usual headdress and was made-up with fake wounds as Reese Witherspoon (Marlena) rode her down the street, waving. Everyone was all-smiles as Christoph Waltz (August) walked by their side showing them off. However, in character, Robert Pattinson (Jacob) was watching closely to see if August was going to beat Rosie, as he was notorious for. The parade went on as zebras, llamas, and a lion followed down the street. “Cut!” the AD yelled, and the extras and actors all returned to their 2010-selves.

In between takes one of the clowns offered Rob a piece of candy. Knowing the clowns’ tendency to prank, Rob jumped back expecting something to happen, but the clown just laughed and reoffered it to him. Rob, still not trusting the clown, hesitantly took it and walked away laughing.


Rob, in between takes, would either hit up craft services, or talk with his costars or his assistant/bodyguard (who was with him at all times). He would also go to Tai and the other animals and pet them. He really enjoyed interacting with the animals a lot.

While waiting in the hot July sun, it was nearing lunchtime as they sent many extras back to the holding area. I was one of the lucky few that were chosen to stay for the close-up shot with Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz. This shot was awesome because I would get the chance to be inches away from Rob as he walked down the street for the parade (every Rob-lover’s dream). We were told to pantomime so the sound guys could pick up Rob and Christoph reciting their lines.

Now head over to H2OforElephants page and read her complete experience - tons of details of her scenes with Rob! Totally worth it!

*The picture used in this post it's not from that day, I just chose a picture of Rob and Christoph together :)

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