Monday, July 11, 2011

Water for Elephants Norwegian Blu-Ray Bonus Features + Pre-Order Info

Details from the Norwegian Blu-Ray

Release Date: August 24
Bonus Feature:
- Raising the Tent
- Working Without a Net: The Visual Effects
- The Menagerie of Water for Elephants
- Secrets of the Big Top
- Feature Performer Reese Witherspoon
- The Star Attraction
- Audio Commentary with Director Francis Lawrence
- The Travelling Show - Page to Screen Lawrence and Writer Richard LaGravenese
- Robert Pattinson Spotlight

More info and pre-order HERE. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland can also pre-order at

About the audio commentary, Francis Lawrence tweeted in April: "Going to the sound studio to record the DVD commentary with Richard LaGravenese." (HERE)
No details about the others DVD/Blu-Rays yet (US, UK, ...).

Thanks to CarinaOlsen for the link and info.


LauraD said...

It's a shame that the "fans" who supported their blogs of Robert are now Robsten forgetting to support sites that talks about his career and not gossip or personal life.

thanks for posting, love WFE

JA said...

Daniela, you keep posting the same crap...what are you talking about???

twilightnan said...

Yeah,..Daniella..I'm asking exactly the same question..What are you talking about??..I'm a fan of both Rob and Kristen and proud of it..I adored and respect Rob as an actor first and foremost and totally interested in his career(otherwise I wouldn't be here)..but I'm also interested in his personal life and it's my choice,I'm thrilled and very excited how his professional life as an A-list Hollywood actor is progressing and I'm sure the best is yet to come from this talented beautiful very humble young man..I cannot see anything wrong in expressing my own opinion on how happy I am to know that ROB and Kristen are now a couple or romantically linked in real I understand this is no longer a rumour :)..there's a lot of evidence to support this..unless someone is still in denial....Anyway..Can't wait to get this wfe dvd..looking forward to 'Robert Pattinson spotlight!!..hugs to the favs:)

meleny said...

I can't wait to have it! I love that movie!

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