Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sara Gruen talks about Rob and his fans with Vanity Fair Italy

VF Italy: Several humans in his book are not as smart or funny. In particular,she is highly critical of celebrity and the entertainment world. It is not that the contacts he had with the studios for the realization of how the Water for the Elephants have provided the inspiration in some way?
SG: Fortunately, the Hollywood that I knew him is very different from what I describe in books. More than anything I was referring to people like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, and the protagonists of reality. Instead Christoph and Reese (Waltz and Witherspoon) outside of work think especially to their families and Robert (Pattinson) I found him pleasant, open-minded ”

VF Italy: As well as he is overwhelmed by the attentions of his fans
SG: True. I was on set two days in the desert, 40 minutes from Los Angeles. It was summer, very hot and there was no way to find shelter in the shade. His fans arrived at 4 am, and even if the security held them off the set, They remained there until 10 pm. Hoping to see him only for a few minutes and from afar.

VF Italy: What did you think that he would be the protagonist (of WFE)
SG: I have never seen the Twilight saga I did not knew exactly what to expect realized how hard he worked and how it was concentrated on the character. Not even my children, being male were particularly impressed by him instead their girlfriends were. I have 4 copies of my book autographed by him but I will not give it to them until they are big enough not to give them to the first girl who requests them.

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