Friday, July 22, 2011

More New Fan Pictures of Rob at Comic-Con

For hundreds of HQ/Untagged pictures from Comic-Con check our master posts: Press Conference | Breaking Dawn Panel

From robkris13

From naira_robsten

From IceAngel34

A few pictures from the press conference via blackfilm and LA Times


anani said...

please can somebody transcribe what rob is sayin at the beginning describing breaking dawn?

dorym said...

WTF with the hair?

RobinEA said...

Rob managed to ruin all photos from Comic-Con this year will the horrible haircut, was that his intention

RobinEA said...

He ruined the MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss win this year after he asked for our votes. He really likes to stick it to his fans lately.

JA said...

evil, evil boy. totally screwed all the fans waiting for autographs at all the WFE premieres also. he only spent a hour signing in NYC. how dare he. he's definitely out to get harddrive is going to be ruined with this half a hairdo.